The sets and recommended combinations

Build a STEP Diploma that works for you by choosing from our extensive suite of Advanced Certificates.

Need some help deciding? See our recommended combinations below or contact our Learning enrolments team to discuss the best option for you.

The sets

Combine four Advanced Certificates to make up your Diploma. Select one from Set 1, one from Set 2 and two from anywhere else

The Advanced Certificates are listed below in three sets

Recommended combinations

We have a number of existing Diploma combinations that are tailored to certain regions or practice areas, which we would recommend that you explore.

Regional Diplomas and accredited specialist routes

Practitioners in Canada, Ireland and New Zealand can enrol on the existing regional diplomas available. There are also a range of non-STEP courses or qualifications in certain jurisdictions, which can be used as part or all of a STEP Diploma. You can find out more about these routes by visiting the STEP website.