Academic transcripts

An academic transcript is an official record of a student's academic progress with CLTI.
This will record details of all qualifications undertaken with CLTI and the result(s) awarded at that time of the request. 

There is a charge of £50 (+ local taxes where applicable) for this service for each programme you are requesting this for.  You can purchase this below

You will need to have your CLTI Candidate ID number. If you have forgotten your ID number please complete the 'Currently Studying with' Contact Us contact form.

You should expect to receive your transcript by email within approximately 21 working days of your payment.

Should your request for a transcript be declined the fee will be refunded in full to the card used for this transaction.

Please ensure that you only place an order for your own academic transcripts. If you place an order for documents relating to another student, we won't be able to fulfil the order.
Please note that we are unable to produce transcripts for students who completed their CLTI qualifications before 2010 as detailed module information was not available prior to this.

Purchase an academic transcript