Reference Requests & Proof of Study

CLT International holds records for candidates who have taken any of our qualifications.

Please note that CLTI is only able to release information on qualifications to persons authorised to request the information.

Third parties requesting verification of qualification on behalf of a student will need to verify that they have consent from the student authorising the release of their personal data. If you are a third party requesting verification of qualification on a student's behalf, please submit your request via email to The student must complete the Verification Consent Form and email this to

There is a charge of £50.00 (plus VAT, where applicable) to provide verification of qualification. Once payment has been received, the third party company can expect to receive verification of the qualification within 5 business days. Failure to make payment and failure to receive the Verification Consent Form will result in the request being denied.

Please note that this service is specifically to verify qualifications. Requests to verify membership of STEP should be emailed to

Alternatively, if you are a student who has completed a CLTI/STEP qualification and are seeking proof of your completion, please email for more information.

Reference Requests & Proof of Study