Family business

With family business having emerged as a distinct area of knowledge and substantial field of practice in many cultures and countries, there is increasing pressure on the advisory community to ensure that the professional services provided to family business clients are creative, considered, compassionate and competitive.

Demand for experienced professionals with unique expertise

Family businesses often face unique challenges due to their structure and dynamics, such as family conflicts, succession issues, and the balancing of family and business interests. They have different considerations and concerns and need something more from advisers than just their technical specialism. 

Advisers working with family businesses in any capacity must be able to help them navigate these complexities. They must push the boundaries of their respective professions to provide innovative and impartial advice and solutions tailored to each family’s individual needs and circumstances to ensure the long-term success and continuity of their business.

Designed, written and delivered in collaboration with leading industry experts, our qualifications equip you with practical knowledge and skills to enable you to advise family businesses effectively. 

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