Frequently Asked Questions

You can enrol by completing our online booking form located under the 'Fees & Booking' section of all our course pages.

You should register for the course as directed above and we will pass details of your enrolment to STEP. There is no need for you to register separately with STEP.

There may be some flexibility with the enrolment closing date but you should contact us on to discuss your particular request.

It should be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice (or upon enrolment onto the course). Please note that if you are self-funding access to course materials are not provided until payment has been received.

Instalment plans are available for certain courses, though there can be some flexibility for individuals who are self-funding. Contact us on to discuss your particular request.

Exemptions may be available for individuals who have previously completed a qualification that covers similar content.

Exemption can obtained from a maximum of two of the four Advanced Certificates making up a STEP Diploma (excluding Specialist Advanced Papers).

Exemption is available from the Advanced Certificate in Fund Administration.

Contact to discuss your options.


A student wishing to apply for a resit or deferral of their STEP course must complete Course Administration Form and return it to All students should ensure that they have consulted the terms and conditions for the course on which they are enrolled.

You can find our policy on resits & deferrals here.


You can view our policy on timescales of completion here.


The Certificate in Fund Administration must be completed within 12 months of enrolment.

You should email with the changes and we will update your record.

For STEP courses you will also need to inform STEP separately on

You should click on the "log in" tab at the top of the homepage and enter your username and password when prompted. You will find these details on the email you received to confirm your booking. If you are not able to locate this email, contact us by email, telephone or live chat, and we will remind you of your log-in details. Once logged in you will see the course(s) on which you are enrolled and have access to the materials and other recourses.

This varies from course to course and you should check the specifics of the course on which you are enrolling. Where materials are provided in soft copy format, if you would particularly like a hard copy version you have the flexibility to print a copy for your own use.

On enrolment you will receive access to a comprehensive set of resources. The nature of the recourses varies from course to course but, generally speaking, they will include bespoke reading material, webinars or podcasts, guidance on studying, examination technique or assignment writing, self-assessment questions and specimen questions (exam-based courses).

If you need help during the course of your studies, you can pose any queries via the email address provided in the academic queries box or on the discussion forum (depending on your course), both of which can be found on the online learning platform. We are also available on the telephone (+44 121 362 7733) or at

You will receive access to the online learning platform immediately once your application is processed (normally within three to five days of receipt). Hard copy materials are dispatched by courier within three days of applications being processed. If you are self-funding we will normally require payment before providing access to the platform/dispatching materials.

The course materials are an integral part of all of our courses and we do not offer these for sale separately from enrolment.

You can find this on the welcome email sent to you on enrolment. If you are not able to locate this email, contact us by email, telephone or live chat, and we will remind you of your log-in details.

If you have a reasonable adjustment (e.g. disability) which will affect your studies or assessment, you will need to make a separate application to CLT International.

For details of how to make an application, please visit Special Requirements. Applications must be made at least eight weeks prior to the assessment (or workshop, if applicable).

Results are usually released within six to eight weeks of the examination or assignment submission date. Results will be sent by email. Certificates for successful candidates are sent out within four weeks of the release date. For the STEP Certificate in Foundations results are released within two weeks.

Generally speaking the pass mark is 50% and marks of over 70% will achieve a distinction. For the STEP Certificate in Foundations the pass mark is 60%.

For examinations, this varies significantly from course to course and you should check the specifics for the course on which you intend to enrol. Assignments should generally be no more than 3500 words in length and are written in response to a question or case study published by CLT International. Again, there may be some variation between courses and you should check the requirements for the course on which you are looking to register.

You are allowed a maximum of three attempts at an examination or assignment.

You should contact the Membership Team at STEP on or +44(0) 20 3752 3700. Details of the Membership Categories can be found here.

Increasingly professional bodies are moving towards a needs-driven approach to CPD and one of our qualifications can be used as part of a personal CPD plan. For CPD schemes that continue to award CPD credits for the time spent studying towards a professional qualification, it is likely that the annual CPD requirement will be met in full on completion of one of our qualifications. If you require confirmation of the study hours undertaken as part of a course, please contact us at

For more information on how to submit a third party reference request, please visit Reference and Proof of Study Requests