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STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates (Scotland)

STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates (Scotland)
Credits Awarding Body STEP

The STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates (Scotland) is recognised worldwide as the benchmark qualification for those working in the trusts and estates profession. 

The course enables you to improve your technical knowledge of the issues arising in trust and estate practice, enhancing your ability to give holistic advice to your clients as a trusted advisor. It increases your understanding of the administration of trusts and estates and enables you to give practical advice on the law and procedures involved.

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You will be able to:

  • Describe the classification and types of trusts, their uses, what affects their validity, their premature cessation and under what circumstances they can and cannot be altered.
  • Advise on the taxation of each trust type.
  • Explain, advise and comment on the use of the trust in modern tax planning.
  • Understand and interpret the legal complexities and language pertinent to trust deeds.
  • Describe the roles, responsibilities, limitations and liabilities of trustees.
  • Advise on the legal formalities involved in the preparation of a valid will and be alert to the pitfalls.
  • Analyse the content and validity of an existing will, assess its value to a client and advise to what extent it will meet their objectives.
  • Advise on the tax-effective will.
  • Advise on the tax implications and legal considerations of making lifetime gifts and gifts made in contemplation of death.
  • Describe the roles, responsibilities, limitations and liabilities of the executor.
  • Advise on the legal management of the client estate, including probate and intestacy issues, evaluation of any risks involved, deeds of variation, disclaimers and insolvency.
  • Advise on taxation issues relating to the transference of private client wealth, specifically inheritance tax and capital gains tax, and how the burden of taxation can be minimised.
  • Construct and interpret trust and client estate accounts.

Students of this course typically include:

  • Legal and trust professionals
  • Support staff and paralegals
  • Accountants and banking professionals
  • Charity specialists
  • Tax advisors
  • Independent financial advisors
  • Executorship administrators
  • Ideal for practitioners looking for professional accreditation, moving into or already working within the trusts and estates profession.
  • A recognised ‘gold-standard’ professional qualification for those working in the industry, globally recognised by employers, regulators, clients and professionals.
  • Ability to grow your own professional network, meeting students from a range of professions providing an opportunity for networking, building relationships and sharing study tips/support as a cohort.
  • Students have the opportunity to submit academic queries to a dedicated programme content team.
  • Successful completion of the course will award students with 120 Diploma-Level credits towards STEP membership.

This Diploma programme comprises four standalone STEP Advanced Certificate courses that together cover the curriculum of the STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates.

The four papers which comprise this Diploma are:

Each of these Advanced Certificates can be taken as a standalone qualification or as part of the Diploma programme.

Please note all courses are delivered fully online. 

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24 Months


Online Only

Entry Criteria

60 Entry Level

Note: Applicants must have obtained 60 STEP Entry-Level credits to enrol onto this course or be a member of STEP. Visit STEP's Qualifications and Membership Framework to understand how to apply.



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