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Assessment Framework and Guidelines

Assessment Framework and Guidelines

Assessment Framework

Assessment is the process by which students’ knowledge and understanding are appraised.

It also provides a key role in the student learning process. CLTI's Assessment Framework and Guidelines govern the principles of assessment that underpin its assessment policies, procedures and practices.

CLTI's academic policies govern the conduct of assessment and the processes surrounding the making of assessment decisions. These policies, which have been developed in line with the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education, are designed to ensure that the principles of assessment are upheld.

Assessment Boards

The meeting of an Assessment Board is an important occasion where the final results for a programme are approved. 

Mitigating Circumstances

Sometimes circumstances or events beyond a candidate’s control may adversely affect their ability to perform in an assessment to their full potential. In such cases, mitigation may be applied.
This document outlines CLTI's Policy on Mitigating Circumstances.

To make a claim for mitigating circumstances, a Notification of Mitigating Circumstances Form must be completed and sent to

External Examiners

External Examiners play a vital role in the maintenance of academic standards and in ensuring the rigorous but fair assessment of candidates. This policy provides information on the role of External Examiners and outlines the activities in which External Examiners are involved.

Academic Malpractice

CLTI regards all forms of academic malpractice as a serious matter. CLTI's Policy on Academic Malpractice explains the types of offence that are considered to be academic malpractice and the penalties that may be imposed where offences occur.

Appeals Procedure

A formal appeal in respect of a decision of the Assessment Board may only be made on certain grounds. The Appeals Procedure sets out these grounds and the process for making an appeal application.