CLTI Student Services

Supporting you through your learning journey

We know that when studying, it is important to you that you can easily access effective guidance and support. We want you to feel you have an outstanding level of customer care within your reach from enrolment to graduation. Our Student Services team are dedicated to giving you the support and study leadership you need throughout your time with us.

Your Student Service team is responsible for over 2,000 students each year. They work closely with our Programme Development team to manage the delivery of your learning experience, workshops, classes, assessments and pastoral needs.

CLTI Commercial Services

Building relationships, strengthening communities

Our commercial team are the voice and champions of our community. What we do to help you in your career, ambitions and study; how we show we care, and, how we make you feel, is our reason for doing what we do.

Our Commercial Services team is responsible for our commercial marketing, communications and market initiatives. They own and grow the professional, employer and regulatory partner relationships worldwide that provide our learner community with access to our education, training and professional qualifications.

The team works closely with our employer and professional partners globally. They ensure we always support your needs; your industry’s needs, and that we have your voice at the centre of all we do.

CLTI Programme Services

Designing education, delivering opportunity

Our Programme team ensures that our insight into your needs, and, our knowledge of our markets is at the heart of programme design. Our promise to you is that our training and qualifications will always give you an engaging, effective and relevant education.

We know it is a globally mobile, fast-paced industry. We make sure we are close to practice and regulatory changes so that our content is always current and relevant. We understand that our employer and regulator partners want to know that the technical knowledge and skills in our qualifications are what the industry needs to grow, upskill and service its clients and stakeholders. We’re proud that we take the time every year to update our own skills, insights and currency. We do that so we can promise you that we can do the same for you.

Our programmes are designed with the knowledge that you are a busy professional; trying to combine work, study and social commitments. Our philosophy is to build accessible, structured and supportive qualifications to support you through those commitments and throughout your career. Everyone learns in different ways, so our learning opportunities offer a variety of inclusive experiences. Assessments  - not anyone’s favourite subject -  but we ensure they are credible, authentic, relevant and recognised. After all, it’s really the most important thing we do for you.

Our programme team want to help you make the right study choices and to support you with their in-depth knowledge of our curriculum and qualifications. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our community of learners.

CLTI Academic Faculty

Inspiring growth, influencing practice

We are proud of our tutor team. We believe they are exceptional. You would expect that they are passionate about the subjects they teach and that they are highly skilled professionals who have a flair for explaining complex concepts in an accessible way. They are, and, they do.

All of our tutors have significant industry experience, many at Board and Partner level. They bring their real-life experiences into your classes and give you genuine insight into the practice areas they teach. Many of our team have both taught and practiced for over 15 years.

Together with the CLT International team, our tutors are committed to supporting you in your learning journey so that you can achieve both your study and career goals.