Our Locations

Training illuminated by a range of experienced professionals worldwide.

Our programmes are designed to provide you with the skills and expertise you need to progress in your role, career and choice of profession.

Delivered by a range of tutors and practitioners with over 250 years of combined industry experience, you can choose your own personalised way of learning, whether online or face-to-face, full-time or part-time, to enable continuous development or gain a globally recognised certification.

With over 45 courses available, you can choose to study from one of our locations across the UK, Europe, US, Asia, Caribbean, or even further afield. For those that are looking to study remotely, a whole range of online courses are also available allowing you to develop at your own pace.


  • Azerbaijan, British Council
  • Cape Town, British Council
  • Ethiopia, British Council
  • Johannesburg, British Council
  • Kenya, Nairobi British Council
  • Mauritius, CLBS
  • Nigeria, British Council Lagos
  • Seychelles, University Of Seychelles, The Guy Morel Institute
  • Zambia, British Council


  • Bahrain, British Council
  • Beijing, British Council
  • Dubai, British Council
  • Hong Kong, HKMA
  • India, British Council Mumbai
  • Israel, British Council
  • Moscow, IPT Russia
  • Shanghai, British Council
  • Shenzhen, Chinese University of Hong Kong,
  • Singapore, Suntec
  • Taiwan, British Council
  • Thailand, British Council Bangkok
  • Vietnam, British Council Ho Chi Minh City


  • Brisbane, QUT Examinations Office
  • Melbourne, University of Melbourne
  • New Zealand, Wellington, Massey University
  • Sydney, Language and Testing Consultants


  • Alaska, Anchorage, UAA Testing centre
  • Austria, Vienna British Council
  • Bulgaria, British Council Sofia
  • Cyprus, Limassol, Cyprus College
  • Cyprus, Nicosia, British Council
  • Dublin, Dublin Tutorial Centre
  • Estonia, University of Tallinn
  • France, Paris, British Council
  • France, Nice/Monaco, International House
  • Gibraltar, Blrak House Training Institute
  • Guernsey, GTA
  • IOM, Sefton Hotel
  • Jersey, Jersey International Business School
  • Latvia, University of Latvia
  • Liechtenstein, Allgemeines Treuunternehmen
  • Luxemburg, APT Luxembourg
  • London
  • Malta, IFS Malta
  • Munich, Cambridge Institut
  • Switzerland, Geneva, Hotel Warwick
  • Switzerland, Zurich, Credit Suisse
  • Switzerland, Lugano, Franklin University Switzerland
  • The Netherlands, Rotterdam, masterclass Academy of Languages B.V

North America

  • Antigua, Ministry of Education
  • Anguilla, University of West Indies
  • Atlanta, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • The Bahamas, New Providence Community Centre
  • Barbados, Samuel Jackman Polytechnic
  • Belize, University of Belize
  • Bermuda, Bermuda College
  • Boston, English Language Centre
  • The British Virgin Islands, HL Stoutt Community College
  • The Cayman Islands, George Town Yacht Club – Cayman Islands Law School
  • The Cook Islands, University of Rarotonga
  • Curacao, Curacao Exam Centre Riddlesdown N.V.
  • The Dominican Republic, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre v Maestra
  • Hawaii, BYU Hawaii
  • Jamaica, Overseas Examination Commission
  • Miami, Prepworks
  • New York, Brooklyn College
  • St Kitts & Nevis, The University of West Indies
  • St Lucia, UWI Open Campus
  • South Dakota, USD Community College for Sioux Falls
  • Toronto, British Council
  • Turks & Caicos, Department of Education, Providenciales
  • Vancouver, Langara College
  • Washington, Campus testing Center Richmond

South America

  • Argentina, British Council Buenos Aires
  • Brazil, British Council Sao Paulo
  • Guatemala, International Business Academy
  • Mexico, British Council
  • Panama, The Oxford School
  • Peru, Asociacion Cultural Peruano Britannica
  • Uruguay, International House, Montevideo