Funds Qualifications Pathway

Funds and Fund Administration - Training and Qualifications

Funds Qualifications Pathway

Welcome to the Funds and Funds Administration Training and Qualifications Pathway, a suite of professional qualifications and continuous learning courses specifically designed for fund industry professionals.

Designed, written and delivered in collaboration with leading industry experts, our three-tiered approach provides a framework for your learning:

  • The Certificate offers a practical introduction to the fundamental workings of the fund industry.
  • The Advanced Certificate builds on the Certificate to develop knowledge of fund operations across both accounting and administration.
  • The CPD Library provides detailed insight about hot topics and trends in the industry, keeping you up to date with the latest developments and best practices.

Are you a fund administrator, company secretary, custodian, auditor, accountant or compliance professional?

Do you want to advance your career, or enhance your understanding of the industry you work in?

Or are you a graduate looking for the best possible launchpad into the industry? 

No matter what stage your career is at, studying with us will set you apart in an increasingly competitive market.

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Advanced Certificate Course Level Information


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CPD Course Information


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Funds Qualifications Pathway