STEP CPD Learning: Automatic Exchange of Information

STEP CPD Learning: Automatic Exchange of Information
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This innovative and engaging eLearning course has been designed to provide the busy practitioner with a comprehensive commentary on FATCA, CRS and other earlier and proposed AEOI initiatives.

Course purpose

The course syllabus provides a detailed review of the current reporting requirements as well as comprehensive summary on previous initiatives. As more jurisdictions are participating in the automatic exchange of information it is important for practitioners in the field to ensure they have the up-to-date technical knowledge and tools for effective implementation and compliance.

You will learn how to

  • Appreciate the need for ‘Automatic Exchange of Information’
  • Understand the key principles and purpose behind FATCA and CRS
  • Know the information required to be reported under FATCA and CRS and timetables for reporting
  • Explain the impact of FATCA and CRS on trusts
  • Reflect on the positive and negatives of FATCA and CRS
  • Consider the possible future direction of AEOI
  • Discuss other international AEOI initiatives

Course audience

  • Students of this course typically include:
  • Professionals working in the international trusts industry
  • Those working in the private banking and wealth management industry, including financial advisors, accountants, senior executives, compliance professionals and operational staff working in financial services firms
  • Individuals working in an international commercial business or organisation
  • Lawyers/legal professionals


  • Interactive eLearning course which is delivered entirely online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible study- there are no exams/assessments for this course, students can study and learn at their own pace
  • Students are provided with 12 months access to the course material and are able to refer back to the content as and when needed for the purpose of practice
  • The course material has been written by an industry expert in the field
  • The course can be adopted in-house and provided as part of a training programme for employers
  • Successful completion of this course enables students to appreciate the need for AEOI and understand the key principles behind FATCA and CRS
  • Provides students with an in-depth understanding of the information required to be reported
  • The course has been tailored to trust practitioners; providing two modules covering the impact on trusts
  • The content of the course covers regulatory and statutory developments which have been implemented over time as well as the future position on AEOI.

Format, Delivery and Assessment

This course is delivered through an online learning platform, providing you with twelve months’ access to bespoke, interactive course material written by an industry expert. There is no formal assessment for this course, allowing you to study and learn at your own pace and refer back to the content as and when needed for the purpose of practice. There are 30 nominal hours of study recommended for this course.

Fees and Booking

Large or small groups of employees can undertake this course concurrently, with employers being able to purchase the programme as part of an in-house package.

The fees for employer/group purchases are detailed below (with a further discount for STEP Employer Partners):

  • Multi-Licence 2-10: £849 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • Multi-Licence 10-49: £949 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • Multi-Licence 49+: £1,049   + UK VAT, if applicable
  • EPP Partner 2-10: £699 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • EPP Partner 10-49: £799 + UK VAT, if applicable
  • EPP Partner 49+: £899 + UK VAT, if applicable 

To take advantage of the corporate purchase offer, please contact us using the Corporate Solution Enquiry Form below.

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Febuary 2021 Access 499.00 449.00

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February 2021 Access (CPD: FATCA, CRS - Discounted Rate) 299.00 249.00

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Robin McGhee

Robin has more than 35 years' experience as a trust and estate practitioner. During his career he has held several senior positions in multinational organisations in the UK, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Since 2016 Robin has worked as a self-employed consultant.

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