What are the benefits of the STEP Certificate in Trusts and Estates (England and Wales)?

The STEP Certificate in Trusts and Estates (England and Wales) covers the most up-to-date developments in the industry, as well as exploring the fundamental legal and practical matters involved in the administration of trusts and estates.

We recently spoke to Fiona Clarke, Associate at Burness Paull LLP based in Aberdeen, about her experience of studying the STEP Certificate in Trusts and Estates (England and Wales) and how the programme has benefitted her career.

Why did you enrol on the Certificate course?

"As a private client lawyer based in Scotland I often work with clients who have interests across the border, so was keen to develop my knowledge of how trusts and estates operate in England and Wales. From my perspective, the Certificate course was the right place to start as it’s been designed to give delegates a broad overview of the law in this area and offered me a really useful insight and understanding of the operation of English trust and estates law."

How did you find your experience and journey through the course?

"I really enjoyed the course, and it opened my eyes to a variety of new topics. The style and structure of the course is great for someone who is looking to expand their knowledge of English trusts and estates, and the combination of the face-to-face tuition and learning materials helped me get to grips with the course in a structured and effective way. I was encouraged and supported by my firm to do the course, as they saw real value in how the course could further develop my skills.

The tuition added real value to the Certificate – the tutor brought the course material to life and added colour, vibrancy and personality to the course through real-life examples and anecdotes.

Having a tutor there in person also really increases your motivation and gives you some goals to work towards!"

Which topics did you find most interesting?

"In particular, I really enjoyed the Introduction to the English Legal System module – it was really useful and relevant, particularly for someone who is less familiar with the English legal system (like I was!)."

Do you feel that the course has benefitted you professionally? If so, how?

"Since completing the Certificate in November 2015, I’ve seen a real benefit from the knowledge I gained, especially when advising individuals on a day-to-day basis. I now have a deeper insight on the differences between trust and estate law in Scotland and in England and Wales, which allows me to ensure clients receive well-rounded, insightful and practical advice."

Fiona Clarke scored the highest mark for the Certificate course at the November 2015 sitting and to celebrate her achievement will be recognised by STEP Worldwide in the 2016 Worldwide Excellence Awards!

Enrolment for the STEP Certificate in Trusts and Estates (England and Wales) is open until 15th July 2016, and if you would like to learn more about how this course can enhance your career click here.