What are the benefits of gaining a recognised qualification?

Here we talk to Kerry Bachelet, Head of Group HR for Louvre Group Limited in Guernsey, about the benefits of sending employees onto the courses that are offered by CLT International.

Louvre Group Limited offer fiduciary, corporate and fund services to clients worldwide, with offices located in eight key financial locations including Guernsey, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, London, Dubai, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong. Dealing with diverse clientele across the globe, Louvre Group understands the value of high quality training and regularly enrols employees on CLT International courses.

Why does Louvre Group Limited place employees on the STEP and Fund Administration courses?

We place employees on the courses, and offer them study support, as they are highly respected and globally recognised qualifications that increase our employees’ technical knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Part of our ethos is ensuring that staff are correctly trained and kept up to date with all regulations, and the STEP and Fund Administration courses help us achieve this by complementing our in-house training.

What are the benefits of studying the courses?

As the courses have an offshore focus, employees find the content very relevant to what they do on a daily basis. Employees also gain a highly recognised qualification at the end and a higher level of expertise, which is important for their career progression.

After working through the detailed course material and attending the interactive workshops, employees feel like they have really achieved something when they complete their course.

What are the best features of the programme?

The courses are really well structured and the content is very relevant to the industry, in comparison to what competing courses offer.

Most employees enjoy the face-to-face element of the courses the most, and find the workshops in Guernsey really useful. The workshops help to consolidate their learning by refreshing the content in their minds, along with the support of the tutors in person.

What does the business gain from putting delegates through the training?

From the company’s perspective, the courses are excellent value for money. We always see a marked difference in the performance of employees who have completed the courses. They are more confident in their approach to their tasks and have a better technical understanding of their roles. We would highly recommend the courses to anyone involved in the trust and fund administration fields.

To learn more about the programmes we offer, visit our Courses page.