STEP Certificate for Financial Services – Case Study

Why were you interested in studying this course?

It has been a while since I completed my Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society so I felt the time was right to test and improve my knowledge. My role at Towry involves dealing with the more complex areas of planning (such as divorce and later life planning) and I have a number of clients with dementia where I deal with their attorneys. This course, of all the options I considered, fits with my type of work, my client base and the professional partners I work with.

Due to the complex nature of my work it’s vital that I keep my technical knowledge as fresh and up-to-date as possible. Being able to draw on my experience and technical expertise helps me provide clients with accurate and prompt advice; and this means they get better, more cost effective solutions.

Towry, as an employer, support and encourage learning, exams and qualifications which has helped me. I also believe that if you’re not continuously learning your knowledge can become ‘rusty’ and this will have a detrimental affect ion the standard of advice you provide.

Can you describe your journey through the online course?

I thought the STEP course materials were excellent. They were written in a way that turned the technically complex into something that was easy to relate to and they put the client right at the heart of every consideration.

I believe it wouldn’t be appropriate to work with the elderly or vulnerable with only a limited knowledge of trusts/attorneyships. It’s definitely something that you need to have a deeper understanding of, and so for anyone working with any vulnerable clients, this course is a must!
Do you have any examination tips for delegates on the course?

Yes. The examiners not only want you to prove your technical knowledge but are also looking for you to demonstrate your ability to convey this to clients and professional partners.

How do you feel the course has benefitted you professionally?

I have learnt a lot from this course. Understanding the different technical nuances has made a huge difference to the work I do for my clients. Overall, the examination has improved how I communicate with clients and professional partners. The course has increased my confidence. I loved it – I would recommend it to anybody.

STEP Worldwide recognised Eliana’s fantastic achievement as the highest scoring delegate from the November 2015 sitting of the course in the 2016 Worldwide Excellence Awards.

If you would like to find out more, contact CLT International or visit STEP Certificate for Financial Services.