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Latest News: STEP announces appointment of education provider PUYI Education China

by Victoria Hand
Latest News: STEP announces appointment of education provider PUYI Education China

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STEP has announced (14 March) that working with our global education partner CLTI, we have appointed PUYI Education to deliver our globally recognised Diploma in International Trust Management to trusts and estates practitioners in China for the first time.

PUYI Education, an education offshoot of PUYI, will support practitioners in China to study for STEP’s Diploma.  STEP is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. It operates in over 100 countries and has over 22,000 members. A key part of STEP’s work is setting the standards for practitioners.

Mark Walley, Chief Executive of STEP, said: ‘This is a historic moment for STEP. We have taken this decision in response to increased demand for the expertise of skilled practitioners in helping families in China make decisions about their futures.

‘We are proud of the vital work that STEP members do in advising families across the globe, often by providing support at times of great uncertainty. We look forward to seeing how this new chapter for the organisation unfolds.’

Julian Davies, Managing Director of CLT International, said: ‘As STEP’s global education partners, CLTI is excited to be collaborating with PUYI Education to ensure delivery of the highest standards of STEP education to practitioners in trusts and estates in China.

‘For more than 20 years, our STEP Diploma in International Trust Management has been the global benchmark qualification for the industry. It is recognised by employers, practitioners, and regulators worldwide as setting the gold standard for professionals supporting families in making the right choices in inheritance and succession planning.’

Lihong Zhai, Chief Executive of PUYI Education, said: ‘China's wealth management market is ushering in enormous development opportunities, but also facing real challenges, the key to embracing opportunities and meeting the challenges lies in the promotion of professional standards and the improvement of professional skills.

‘PUYI, a research specialist in China’s wealth management industry, together with the globally renowned industry benchmark - STEP qualification, will complement each other's advantages and join hands to empower the talent training of China's wealth management market with a series of standardised, rigorous, practical, and effective professional development courses.’

For further information, please contact Nicolas Zhai, STEP China, email

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