STEP Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Private Wealth Advising: Residential Weekend 1 (of 2) - Singapore

November 2019: Residential Weekend 1 (of 2), Singapore*

Launching in 2019, the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Private Wealth Advising - Asia, features eight bespoke masterclasses tailored to the local market. Taking place over two condensed residential weekends, with the first in Singapore (November 2019) and the second in Hong Kong (May 2020), each session is led by an industry expert and designed to help you operate at the highest level within your organisation, offering a bespoke, comprehensive service.

Weekend Schedule:

Friday - 8th November - PM - Family Offices in Asia, Presented by David Chong, Portcullis

The concept of a modern Family Office existing to protect and serve the interests of a single family has been popular in Europe and the US for decades.  It has become a popular reference term in Asia only in recent years with the proliferation of Asian wealth.  Although the term is widely used, few outside the industry truly understand the concept.  This masterclass will address questions such as: What really constitutes a “Family Office”? Why set one up and what factors should a family consider?  What is the overlap between a Family Office and a Family Business? Is wealth the only factor to consider in choosing to establish a Family Office?  Is the family truly committed to the concept, including the sharing of controls, governance and investment decision processes that come with it?  What are the cost implications? Are all family offices the same?  What makes one different from the next?  What typically makes Asian Family Offices different than those of the West and how does this affect how they are managed? What determines whether a Family Office will succeed? Whether it is “successful”?  Why Private Banks simply cannot be “your Family Office” What types of people do Family Offices hire? This Masterclass will remove the ambiguity surrounding what truly constitutes a Family Office, explain the rationale for creating a Single-Family Office and the elements that are essential to ensure its proper structure and long-term success.

Saturday - 9th November - AM - Strategic Philanthropy, Presented by Michelle Chow, Withers

There has been a significant rise in philanthropy in the past 10 years that has coincided with a growth in wealth around the world. Philanthropy is driven by people’s values, passions, interests or concerns. It plays a critical role in fuelling countless civil society organisations throughout the world that enrich and improve people’s lives. It can also provide a deep sense of purpose and happiness to philanthropists and their families. This Masterclass moves beyond the technical and administrative aspects of philanthropy with a view to helping you to assist your clients in designing their own philanthropy strategy. This masterclass specifically covers: An introduction to philanthropy and strategic philanthropy, key global trends, Family philanthropy and engaging the next generation subject of philanthropy, philanthropy: where it is both relevant and rigorous, how to develop a philanthropy strategy, best practices in grant-making, family philanthropy and engaging the next generation

Saturday - 9th November - PM - Advising Family Businesses, Presented by Ee Lin Chan, Family Enterprise Consulting

Advisers who seek to provide a superior service to family businesses need to combine their technical specialism with new ideas from the family enterprise body of knowledge; such as 

  •          Understanding the client as a complex system of interacting and competing self-interests.
  •          How to articulate the choices facing a family at crucial times.
  •          Why conflict in a family business is natural, rather than unusual.

The Masterclass will help advisers to push the boundaries of their respective professions and create innovative strategies for family business clients.

Sunday - 10th November - AM - International Tax, Presented by Edmund Leow, Dentons

The international tax landscape has developed rapidly over the last few years. The introduction of the Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project, Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Financial Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) collectively mark a shift towards greater co-operation to achieve substance and transparency in the international tax world. These initiatives have been implemented globally, including in Asia. 

This Masterclass will equip participants with an understanding of the types of taxes, international tax systems and the general principles of taxation. It will also introduce participants to double taxation treaties as an effective tool for dealing with issues of double taxation and dual residence. This Masterclass will also explain important recent international tax developments, namely BEPS, CRS and FATCA. Participants are invited to critically examine the impact of these recent developments on private wealth management in Asia, such as the implications on the offshore structures which have been widely used by high net worth individuals and families in Asian countries such as Indonesia and China.  

* The PPgD is now recognised under the Financial Training Scheme (FTS), which means that eligible participants can claim from the FTS SD2,000 of the course fee on completion of the programme.

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