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Programme Delivery Team Spotlight: Kobir Ahmed

by Chimene Codner
Programme Delivery Team Spotlight: Kobir Ahmed

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Meet the Team: Episode 6

We continue our meet the team series with one of our Programme Delivery Managers Kobir Ahmed.  

Kobir, thank you for sharing a snippet into a day at CLTI and a little about yourself 😊 


Firstly, can you explain your role here at CLTI?

I am a Programme Delivery Manager here at CLTI. In my role, I am to manage the running of course content and be a point of contact for students.


What is something you love about working at CLTI?

I love the team/family culture that is evident as you work here. No one day is the same and working for CLTI during a period of development and growth gives me a sense of achievement too.


What does a typical day at CLTI look like for you?

The 9am team chats about the previous evening, who watched what and ate what?
then it’s a quick look through of yesterday’s emails with actions where needed.

Working along the boards to identify tasks for the day and by 11:30 battling the hunger cries because we are all foodies and it’s our fuel for the day.

Sorting through workshop edits, plus exam paper creation and working through any previous amendments that need to be made.

The odd occasional additional requests to look up records or provide additional data and

Answering emails from students and SME’s and then sitting some meetings through the day to plan our next steps for taking over the world…one assessment at a time.


How do you like to start your day?

Waking up at 6am and setting my mood to summer vibes regardless of the season! (Music, coffee and NOT looking at my news feed!)

I like to be social every morning by contacting the friends group and dropping a “happy today” type message in there and watching the uproar at 7am HAHA

I then prepare for the workday ahead by looking through lunch options and then daily tasks. (in  that order)


Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you.

I was an Army Cadet Instructor for Warwickshire and West Midlands ACF – the first and only instructor from a Muslim background and also an ethnic minority background; in the Midlands! I served for two and half years earning my Sergeant stripes and also had my own detachment in the heart of Aston, Birmingham (with an indoor tube shooting range)


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