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Programme Delivery Team Spotlight: Abbie Leighton

by Chimene Codner
Programme Delivery Team Spotlight: Abbie Leighton

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Meet the Team: Episode 8

We are pleased to introduce our Exams and Assesment Manager Abbie Leighton.  

Abbie thank you for sharing a snippet into a day at CLTI and a little about yourself 😊 


Firstly, can you explain your role here at CLTI?

I am the Exams and Assessment manager, so I look after the operations of exam set up, organising the marking of the scripts and releasing results. In addition to looking after the dispatch of certificates.

What is something you love about working at CLTI?

Easy, the team! We all work very hard at trying to deliver the best experience for the students, but the smiley friendly culture amongst colleagues makes it all seem that little bit easier. We bond over our love of food, always a popular topic of conversation.

What does a typical day at CLTI look like for you?

I always start by looking over emails, seeing if anything is urgent that needs actioning. Of course, we all check in as a team make sure we are all good for the day ahead.  Then it’s all about ensuring that any exams that took place the previous week are sent to be marked and actioned accordingly. Next its looking to the exams that are upcoming.

How do you like to start your day?

Gym! That 6:20am alarm is never a sound I enjoy but rolling out of bed to the gym for me is the best way to start the day. Then when 9:00 comes round it’s catching up on emails whilst drinking a caramel latte!

Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you..

I played football for a local girls' team for 9 years from the age of 9 – 18 years old. Playing in a local league and at various tournaments around the country; getting to play against teams such as Man City and West Ham. Lots of incredible memories made! Though never ask me to direct you to anywhere, I got us lost numerous times going to away games; a Farm, a Prison and fair few Supermarket car parks are just a few to name where I pronounced ‘We are here’!

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