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Product Team Spotlight: Poppy Chalmers

by Chimene Codner
Product Team Spotlight: Poppy Chalmers

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Meet the Team: Episode 7

Next in our series is our Professional Development Manager Poppy Chalmers.  

Poppy thank you for sharing a snippet into a day at CLTI and a little about yourself 😊 



Firstly, can you explain your role here at CLTI?

I am a professional development manager and work as part of the Professional Development team. I work on developing new courses and enhancing our existing courses, as well as projects such as making our offerings as accessible to as many students as possible. It’s a really varied role with a good mix of tasks and interesting projects!


What is something you love about working at CLTI?

I love that I have been able to work in several different roles across two different teams since joining  CLTI in 2018 – it’s been so rewarding to see and make an impact throughout the business throughout my time here. Like everyone else has mentioned, I also have a great relationship with my colleagues and love working with such dedicated and supportive people.


What does a typical day at CLTI look like for you?

It’s hard to describe a typical day as it can be really varied – sometimes I’m working on lots of small tasks throughout the day, while other times I block out a whole day (or even longer) to focus on one piece of work, such as updating a course module, writing a report, or reviewing website content. Whenever I have a quieter day, I like to spend time learning more about accessibility or learning design.


How do you like to start your day?

It’s got to be a cup of coffee or chicory and Wordle to wake the brain up! The Professional Development team is a hybrid working one and we’re rarely in the same place, so we always start our morning with a Teams call to catch up, socialise and talk through our plans for the day – it’s a great way to start the day and brings us closer as a team too.


Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you…

I love to knit and am currently working on a 2022 temperature blanket, where I knit different colour rows each day to represent the daily temperature throughout the whole of 2022. It’s amazing to look back and see how the weather’s changed over the first half of the year, though I may have misjudged how big it would get – it’s already well over five feet long!

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