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Digital Developer Spotlight: Glenn Mander

by Chimene Codner
Digital Developer Spotlight: Glenn Mander

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Meet the Team: Episode 3


We continue our meet the team series with our Digital Developer, Glenn Mander. Glenn has been with CLTI for 3 years.

Glenn, thank you for sharing a snippet into a day at CLTI and a little about yourself 😊  


Firstly, can you explain your role here at CLTI?

I am a digital developer here at CLTI and part of the Professional development team. I’ve been in this role for 3 years now.  It’s a very creative role, which means I get to build and develop our online courses, and create the activities and the graphics that go into them, all the while making them as accessible to our students as possible. I also create and edit videos (I edit our workshop videos) as well some animations. So a good mix of learning development, graphic design, video editing and everything else that goes with it.


What is something you love about working at CLTI?

I’m going to have to give you two things that I love. I have always been lucky enough to have the flexibility to work from home (pre-pandemic) which truly helps with my work life balance, so I love being able to work at home and in the office.

I also love working with everyone at CLTI. We’re such a great team and a little bit food-obsessed.


What does a typical day at CLTI look like for you?

I’m not sure that I have a typical day. My role means my days can vary and no two days are the same. Some days I would edit a couple of workshop recordings before moving on to creating an activity for a course and others I may be total focus on building a course page. On other days I may spend time learning a new skill or updating my knowledge on accessibility.


How do you like to start your day?

Mostly I start with a coffee, though it’s decaffeinated so it’s not likely to wake me up. Then it’s usually breakfast consisting of natural yoghurt, seeds, nuts and berries and I’ll eat this while checking in the news and weather for the day. Occasionally, usually when the weather is good, I’ll get out for a run in the morning before breakfast.   


Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you..

I’m really into Egyptology and all things ancient Egypt. I first went to the country when I was 21 (a while a go) and did a full tour of the sites. Have returned several times with my wife in tow and built up a good collection of books along the way including 3 books on how to read hieroglyphs.

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