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Marketing Team Spotlight: Chimene Codner

by Chimene Codner
Marketing Team Spotlight: Chimene Codner

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Meet the team: Episode 2

We continue our meet the team series with our Marketing Manager, Chimene Codner. Chimene has been with CLTI for 6 months.

Chimene, thank you for sharing a snippet into a day at CLTI and a little about yourself 😊  


Firstly, can you explain your role here at CLTI?

I am one of the Marketing Managers, part of the Commercial Services team, and we are a new team in many ways! As a Marketing Team we work to bring together information from across the business into a tailored marketing and communications plan to get the attention of people who will benefit from studying with us. No one day is the same as the last one!


What is something you love about working at CLTI?

My favourite thing is the team buffets, we all bring a dish on the day and feast at lunch. We are a team of foodies, and it pays off when we can get a buffet together. It’s the most popular answer, but also the people, we really do have a great team, everyone is friendly, and we all seem to balance each other out.


What does a typical day at CLTI look like for you?

A typical day in the office usually involves food as someone has brought in biscuits or cake! There is usually a few meetings or workshops where we can work through ideas and make the most of being in person. I will also currently be working on marketing plans, campaigns and posting on our LinkedIn page.


How do you like to start your day?

In the gym. I’m an early riser and I am in the gym lifting things or jumping around the place. I’m not a tea or coffee person, so I love a glass of juice or something fruity in the morning with my breakfast.


Finally, tell us an interesting fact about you..

I can’t ride a bike, but I am teaching myself how to roller-skate, and this year I am trying to do things that are out of my comfort zone. In the summer I aim to be skating around the local parks, hopefully the vision I have in my head looks as cool in real life!

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