A New CPD Learning Package: CRS Training

Introducing a new CPD Learning Package: The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) – An Audit Review

CRS compliance and administration will again be in the spotlight as we enter 2020, as The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (Global Forum) commences the AEOI Global Peer Review process. This review, which will be spread across two years, will focus on whether jurisdictions have effective administrative compliance frameworks in place to ensure Financial Institutions comply with their obligations under the CRS. 

In anticipation of the Global Peer Reviews, domestic tax authorities will commence or continue their own CRS audit reviews which will not only test financial institution compliance with the CRS due diligence and reporting requirements, but also whether employees with suitable responsibilities (including Relationship Managers) have the relevant skills and experience to adequately discharge the CRS function. This will require all financial institutions to demonstrate that employees have undertaken adequate, evidence-based training (methods including training materials, manuals, face-to-face tuition and online learning). 

A New Training Initiative 

To meet global demand for the practical and theoretical training needed in this complex technical area, CLT International has partnered with Centenal, to bring together their interactive CRS Expert software application with our Automatic Exchange of Information eLearning course providing a comprehensive development programme for practitioners in the field. 

We at CLT International are pleased to partner with Centenal, who have expertise in advising on international regulatory law. The CLTI eLearning course has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of both the CRS and FATCA legislation, other earlier and proposed AEOI initiatives. It includes a detailed review of the provisions as well as the on-going core reporting requirements and obligations imposed. Our CRS Expert Training supplements the CLTI course with an emphasis on practical application of the CRS, by way of online application, accompanied by a wide range of case studies and use of a unique “workshop” function that allows simulated client structures to be digitally recreated in order to engage the software’s automated CRS analysis function. 

For those that would like to explore each of the programmes, from an individual or employer/corporate training perspective, please visit www.centenal.com/crs-training or www.cltint.com/course/crs-expert/ for further information.