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STEP Diploma: New Syllabus and Qualifications!

by Victoria Hand
STEP Diploma: New Syllabus and Qualifications!

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STEP Diploma: New Syllabus and Qualifications!

STEP Diploma in International Trust Management – 2021 Curriculum


We are pleased to announce the implementation in 2020/2021 of a curriculum re-design for the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management, following extensive market consultation, with contribution from alumni, employers, branch committees and our tutor network.

We know that the challenges facing private wealth advisers, their clients, directors, trust officers, trustees and other fiduciaries continue to increase.  The volume and complexity of legislation continues to grow year by year. A whole series of transparency and information sharing initiatives and regulations including Transfer Pricing and Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), Economic Substance, Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes, Beneficial Ownership Registers, Trust Registers and Legal Entity Identifiers have been introduced.  

These initiatives have amplified the importance of implementing good risk management practices and ensuring that each individual in an organisation understands how they contribute to an effective risk management framework.

With risk and compliance now at the epicentre of most business organisations, practitioners worldwide must be equipped with the necessary tools to meet these ever-evolving challenges in their day to day work and to interpret and implement legislation and regulation changes.  

A new Advanced Certificate entitled ‘Principles of International Taxation, AML and Compliance’ takes the student through these topics in an integrated, thorough yet accessible way, with content that is tailored to the needs of the trust and corporate service provider industry. Content that was previously included elsewhere in the Diploma has now been consolidated into one Advanced Certificate, which incorporates updates and enhancements and new subject areas including the principles of international taxation and risk management. 

To ensure that students still only study four Advanced Certificates to obtain the Diploma, the curriculum has been carefully re-designed to ensure only highly relevant content remains.

The Trust Administration and Trustee Investment Advanced Certificates have now been combined into a new Advanced Certificate entitled ‘Trustees' Duties: Investment and Management of the Trust Fund’, which will open for enrolment in April 2021. 

The new Trust Creation Law and Practice and Company Law and Practice Advanced Certificates introduce more new practice-based content, with comprehensive new specimen trust and company documents provided.

Great support for these changes to the curriculum has been received both in the responses from the industry as well as from local STEP branches and other stakeholders following a period of consultation carried out in the autumn of 2019. We have been pleased to be able to refine the curriculum in line with the responses received.

More information on the changes to each of the four Advanced Certificates can be found at 

STEP Diploma: 2020/2021 Curriculum 

Note: Students should note the start date for each of the new Advanced Certificates and the date on which the previous Advanced Certificate is being discontinued when planning their studies.
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