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STEP Diploma - International Trust Management - New Curriculum Launch

by Chimene Codner
STEP Diploma - International Trust Management - New Curriculum Launch

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STEP Diploma - International Trust Management Suite – New 2021 Curriculum 

New Advanced Certificates  

Following our announcement in September 2020, the new curriculum for the STEP recommended Diploma route in International Trust Management was launched in 2021, inclusive of two new Advanced Certificates detailed below.  

With risk and compliance now at the centre of most business organisations, practitioners worldwide must be equipped with the necessary tools to meet these ever-evolving challenges in their day-to-day work and to interpret and implement legislation and regulation changes. Following extensive consultation throughout 2020 and 2021, the Advanced Certificates that form part of the International Trust Management recommended route have been adapted to include new practice-based content, with comprehensive specimen trust and company documentation within the Trusts: Law and Practice (formerly the Trust Creation: Law and Practice) and Company Law and Practice Advanced Certificates.  

The Trust Administration and Accounts  and  Trustee Investment and Financial Appraisal Advanced Certificates have been combined into a new Advanced Certificate entitled Trustees' Duties: Investment and Management of the Trust Fund, accompanied by an entirely new fourth Advanced Certificate in Principles of International Taxation, AML, and Compliance 

What's changed? 

To ensure that students continue to study four Advanced Certificates to obtain the Diploma award, the curriculum was carefully re-designed to ensure only highly relevant content remains.  

New Programme Syllabus - Read Here 

Visit the Advanced Certificate pages for full details of each course including course dates, assessment details and how to book your place. 


How does this impact me?  

Students who wish to complete the International Trust Management recommended route can continue to do so by enrolling onto the relevant Advanced Certificates that make up this pathway. Any withdrawn Advanced Certificates (namely the Trust Administrationand Accounts and Trustee Investment and Financial Appraisal) will continue to be recognised under the STEP Diploma framework.  

Course Transition / Change  

If you have enrolled on a forthcoming Advanced Certificate but have not yet attended any tuition/examination or accessed the course materials, you will be able to transfer to a different Advanced Certificate free of charge up until the 31 July 2023. Please note if there is a difference in course fees between the papers, the balance will be due for payment.All other transfers or registrations will be charged at the full course fee. For students who have previously enrolled onto the Trust Administration and Accounts and Trustee Investment and Financial Appraisal papers and wishing to resit their assessment in order to complete, there will be a further three resit dates in July 2022, October 2022, and January 2023. Please contact for further information.

Contact us 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss enrolling on one of these qualifications, please contact our Admissions Team via or +44 121 362 7733.  

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