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Online programmes and learning materials

by Chimene Codner
Online programmes and learning materials

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Course material delivery plans for 2023


Sustainable Delivery

Since 2019, our strategic goal has been to provide sustainable learning and access to education, with a move to the online environment which accelerated during the global pandemic. Though the world has been through times of change and uncertainty, our commitment to our learners remains the same as ever: to deliver an outstanding experience and provide the necessary tools and resources that will enable you to progress through your studies – anywhere, anytime.  

2023 Onwards – Hardcopy Course Manuals

For all qualifications and courses delivered from 2023, all materials and learning resources, including the traditional hardcopy course manuals, will no longer be printed and will instead be available online. This will enable you to access the material from anywhere and at any time, as well as to take advantage of technical features to help with your learning such as the ability to instantly search the manual for relevant words and phrases.

This decision has been taken largely in response to student feedback indicating that that the majority of our global students prefer instant, digital access to the materials enabling them maximise use of the search function, modularised versions of the course manual and other useful features.

This change will also allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and overcome the potential problems and delays in receiving the material via courier, including difficulties with customs – helping us to provide you with a smoother, more sustainable learning experience.

Should you wish to have a hard copy of your course manual sent to you, you can purchase a copy for a fee of £70 this is inclusive of printing and courier costs. To purchase a copy, please contact at

Can students still receive a hardcopy manual, if required?

We appreciate that some students do still prefer a different way of learning, and whilst materials can still be printed directly from the online learning platform, a hardcopy of the course manual may from time to time provide better support. Should you wish for a hardcopy of the course manual sent to you, students can purchase a copy (for a fee of £70, inclusive of printing and courier costs). To purchase a copy, students will need to complete and return a course material request form (which is available on the online learning platform) and send this to  

What if a student has a reasonable adjustment?

If a student feels that they require a reasonable adjustment which means that they require a hardcopy course manual to study, they are welcome to submit a reasonable adjustments application along with supporting evidence (the form can be found on the online learning platform) and send this to us at Applications would be put forward to the Committee for consideration. If an application is successful, the student would be provided with a hardcopy course manual free of charge. 

Why have the course fees remained the same?

In the coming year we are focussed on the digital learning experience and the consumption of learning content and how this can be improved and more accessible for a global audience. We are looking to introduce a new learning management platform which will provide students with enhanced functionality and increased digital learning resources.

Whilst we appreciate that some students may prefer to work from a hardcopy course manual and so they will be using paper when printing the course manual themselves, our decision to withdraw the physical distribution of course manuals is in line with our commitment to sustainability and the reduction of our carbon footprint as this will be significantly reduced by no longer distributing course manuals internationally.

Student and Employer Feedback

To ensure we continue to offer students the greatest learning experience, we are continuously monitoring and gathering student feedback to make the necessary improvements. If you would like to speak with a member of the team regarding our plans for learning and delivery, please do contact us at

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