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Postgraduate Masterclass Insights: Philanthropy Today

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Postgraduate Masterclass Insights: Philanthropy Today

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Philanthropy is driven by people’s values, passions, interests or concerns. It plays a critical role in fuelling countless civil society organisations throughout the world that enrich and improve people’s lives. It can also provide a deep sense of purpose and happiness to philanthropists and their families.

Philanthropy, as a word that means the ‘love of humankind’, it is the giving of money, time, assets, encouragement or expertise to create a social or environmental impact. It is fuelled by people’s passions, values and enthusiasms, or by their frustrations or concerns about issues close to home or in distant communities. It is deeply personal in nature and is therefore not just about what we do, but about how we do it and who we are.

Philanthropy is different from charity or ad-hoc charitable giving, although both are important. By charity we often refer to something that is reactive, compassionate and spontaneous such as supporting disaster relief or sponsoring someone to run a marathon or giving a one-off donation at a place of worship. By philanthropy we mean: Something more strategic, deliberate and thought out.

And while for the most part, philanthropy tends to be associated with the provision of grants, today there are many other types of financial support that philanthropists can provide.

The new Level 7 Professional Postgraduate Diploma (PPgDip) in Private Wealth Advising programme explores this specialist topic by looking at:

  • Answering the question, ‘What is philanthropy?’
  • Raising the subject of philanthropy with clients
  • Global trends in philanthropy
  • Strategic philanthropy
  • Developing a focus for philanthropy
  • Appropriate vehicles for philanthropy
  • Approaches to grant making
  • Family philanthropy.

For those interested in the programme and looking to explore what is covered in the full programme syllabus, you must register your details and interest with CLT International by visiting STEP Postgraduate Diploma - Syllabus.

You will also be provided with access to the exclusive informative ‘Standards, Research & Assessment’ webinar(s) which will explain how candidate performance is assessed.

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