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New Online Learning Platform – Now Available!

by Chimene Codner
New Online Learning Platform – Now Available!

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From the 21st December 2022, we are excited to announce the migration of our learning to a new online learning platform, enabling us to continue our journey towards a new digital hub experience which will improve the overall customer experience.


Will this affect me?

If you are currently studying with us and are registered for a future course or assessment,  you should have been contacted by CLT International by now and provided with a new set credentials to access the platform.


How will the transition affect me?

During the transition and launch of the new online learning platform there will be minimal changes in the way you access your course materials and assessments via the online learning platform. Once you have received your new credentials, you will be invited to change your password and ultimately access the new enhanced course pages.

If you are not yet studying with us and considering enrolling in the near future, you will be provided with access to the platform upon enrolment.


What benefits will I get from the new online learning platform? 

The new online learning platform has many benefits that will support you throughout your learning journey. There will be greater accessibility controls to assist with navigation around the platform and the course content. Additional features will soon be added to the programme pages to give a clearer indication of your progress and outstanding learning tasks.

In 2023, we are hoping to publish further details with regards to our customer journey improvement plan which will highlight some of the exciting enhancements we are working towards.


What should I do if I have any technical issues?

If you are unsure whether the migration to our new platform will affect you, need some guidance with regards to accessing your materials or would like to find out more, please contact the team at


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