Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

STEP and CLTI Programmes – Access to study, tuition and assessment(s)

As a student of CLTI, we would like to reassure you that we have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation around our global locations and community, in partnership with STEP and other stakeholders, as to the impact on our students and their employers worldwide.

Our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our students, delegates, tutors, employees and all our professional communities. We also recognise that students and delegates have personal study plans and outcomes, and have been studying and preparing for exams, assessments and taught classes for some time.

We would like our students to know that, despite the current situation, you will continue to have access to high-quality learning to enable you to move forward in your chosen career and professional development. 

As a result, and as circumstances escalate, we have decided to provide alternate options for candidates wishing to continue with study and complete their qualification within the time-frame originally anticipated.

We will continue to support those candidates and employers who may wish to reschedule their enrolment to the next available intake – please refer to CLTI: Support through COVID-19 for guidance on fees.

Teaching – March-May 2020

For courses taking place around the world during this period, our face-to-face classes will be moved to our online classroom until the end of May 2020.

Following a change in government and regulatory advice in Singapore, we have taken the decision to also move the below forthcoming courses (as part of the Certificate and Diploma in International Trust Management programme) to our online classroom:

  • Singapore - Certificate in International Trust Management – Tuition & Examination – 20-24th April 2020
  • Singapore - Trust Creation: Law and Practice – Examination – 15th May 2020
  • Singapore - Trust Administration and Accounts - Tuition & Examination – 11-15th May 2020

We will continue to review the situation for all courses after May 2020.

Students all over the world have already enjoyed studying via our online classroom, so if you are currently enrolled onto a face-to-face option, you will still receive the same engaging learning experience but will be able to study remotely. This flexible option means that you can still actively participate in group discussions, exercises and benefit from peer-to-peer learning, but from the comfort of your office or home during this time. 

Assessments – March-May 2020  

With relation to assessments, CLTI and STEP will continue to run all assessments on the current published dates in order to allow students to progress and complete their studies should they wish. Clearly, this cannot be in the usual examination format for those that are undertaken at a local exam centre, given the current restrictions and health concerns in many of our locations. Therefore, all assessments that would ordinarily be delivered face-to-face have also been approved to move to online submission as open-book, non-invigilated assessments during April and May 2020.

We will contact you directly as part of our cohort management to let you know how this will work for your specific assessment by 06 April 2020, in good time for you to make the right preparations for your assessment(s) in the UK and our worldwide locations.
We are conscious that our students have been preparing for specific assessment formats and will not be making changes which negate what you have been studying for and working towards.

We are committed to fairly assessing students against the learning outcomes of each programme of study.

Programmes – June 2020 Onwards

For courses taking place around the world from June 2020 onwards, our face-to-face classes are expected to continue as planned, but we will be monitoring this carefully and keep students informed of any changes.  We will aim to decide as to whether these courses will also move to our online classroom by the end of April 2020.

Programmes – Accepting Enrolments

For all CLTI and STEP programmes currently open for registration, we will continue to accept enrolments and look forward to welcoming students into our community, experiencing both online and face-to-face learning.

For a list of the programmes available and dates for you to begin study, please visit or contact the team at