Frequently Asked Questions

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There are two ways in which you can enrol - either by completing and returning a course enrolment form which can be downloaded from the course specific page, or completing our online booking form.

You should register for the course as directed above and we will pass details of your enrolment to STEP. There is no need for you to register separately with STEP.

There may be some flexibility with the enrolment closing date but you should contact us on to discuss your particular request.

It should be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice (or upon enrolment onto the course). Please note that if you are self-funding access to course materials are not provided until payment has been received.

Instalment plans are available for certain courses, though there can be some flexibility for individuals who are self-funding. Contact us on to discuss your particular request.

Exemptions may be available for individuals who have previously completed a qualification that covers similar content.

Exemption can obtained from a maximum of two of the four Advanced Certificates making up a STEP Diploma (excluding Specialist Advanced Papers).

Exemption is available from the Advanced Certificate in Fund Administration.

Contact to discuss your options.


A student wishing to apply for a resit or deferral of their STEP course must complete the Course Administration Form and return it to All students should ensure that they have consulted the terms and conditions for the course on which they are enrolled.

You can find our policy on resits & deferrals here.


You can view our policy on timescales of completion here.


The Certificate in Fund Administration must be completed within 12 months of enrolment.

You should email with the changes and we will update your record.

For STEP courses you will also need to inform STEP separately on