Special Purpose Acquisition Companies and Private Equity Trends

Gain a detailed insight into special purpose acquisition companies.

Course details

This course will help you to expand your knowledge of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and private equity trends.

This CPD module uses real-life case studies to outline the structures, processes, and key features of SPACs and how they differ from other IPO models. 

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies and Private Equity Trends

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What will I learn?

  • What SPACs are and how they are structured
  • The historical development of SPACs
  • The benefits and risks associated with investing in and merging with SPACs
  • The SPAC IPO and de-SPAC processes
  • Why SPACs have recently increased in popularity in some markets
  • The key differences between SPACS and other IPO models
  • The relationship between SPAC trends and private equity trends

Is this course right for me?

The module has been designed for those who are relatively new to the financial services/asset management industry, or for more experienced practitioners who want to refresh their core knowledge.

Students typically include:

  • investment/asset/fund managers  
  • fund administrators 
  • accounting or finance graduates
  • accountants 
  • auditors 
  • company secretaries 
  • compliance professionals 
  • lawyers/solicitors 
  • support staff for custodians, banks, or trusts 

Course format

This course is delivered through an online learning platform, providing you with 12 months’ access to bespoke, interactive course material, written by an industry expert.

There is no formal assessment, so you can study and learn at your own pace, referring to the content as and when needed for the purpose of practice.

There are one to two nominal hours of study recommended for this course. 

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